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To answer your first question...Lani rhymes with Annie

Hello!  I am an Actress, Aerialist and Pilates Instructor based in NYC.  My performance journey began as a child, singing and dancing my little heart out in my home state of Maine.  From there I majored in Musical Theatre at Syracuse University and began the gypsy life of a musical theatre performer, touring internationally and working steadily in regional houses across the country.

Along the way I found Aerial Arts and decided to run away with the circus!  I teamed up with three other musical-theatre-performers-turned-circus-artists to form 2 Ring Circus.  Through our ties to the musical theatre community, 2RC has had the opportunity to create circus elements for various theatres and directors across the country.


In addition to extensive regional work, I have toured nationally and internationally with 42nd Street, Chicago and most recently Jagged Little Pill.

When I am in NYC, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. I am on staff at Aerial Arts NYC (teaching both Aerial & Pilates Reformer), and perform regularly in various variety shows, corporate events and private parties.  Follow me @lkcorson to find out where I am and what I'm up to!

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