First, to answer your question: Lani rhymes with Annie. 
Now that we got that out of the way...

Hello!  I am an actress, aerialist and Pilates instructor based in NYC.  My performance journey began as a child, singing and dancing my little heart out in my home state of Maine.  From there I majored in Musical Theatre at Syracuse University and began the gypsy life of a musical theatre performer, touring internationally and working steadily in regional houses across the country.

Along the way I found Aerial Arts and decided to run away with the circus!  I teamed up with three other musical-theatre-performers-turned-circus-artists to form 2 Ring Circus.  Through our ties to the musical theatre community, 2RC has had the opportunity to create circus elements for various theatres and directors across the country and I am lucky enough to find myself back on the stage, incorporating my original love with my new love of circus.

When I am in NYC, I am on staff at Aerial Arts NYC (teaching both aerial & Pilates reformer), and perform regularly in various variety shows, corporate events and private parties.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out where I am and what I'm up to!

Photo Credits: Alexander Rivero & Cristian Buitron