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Sister Act @ Westchester Broadway

"Special kudos to...Lani Corson (Sister Mary Robert) who does terrific solos on The Life I Never Led with her full rousing rising voice with emotional edge that carves out the essence of yearning, regret and resolve."

- John Bailey, White Plains CNR

"Despite her petite size [Corson] takes over the stage and lifts the audience with her tremendous vocal range."

- Irene Wallace, On The Valley

The Wizard of Oz @ Syracuse Stage

"Glinda comes and goes on a hoop with dramatic flips and turns. Corson is breathtaking in the role as she effortlessly and gracefully performs acrobatic moves in the air, even while singing. Her strength, grace and comedic charm are assets in portraying both Glinda and Aunt Em."

- Natasha Ashley, Broadway World

"...[Corson's] Glinda the Good Witch is part trapeze artist, part Vegas showgirl, anime sprite and cosplay character with a dash of hipster "coulda toldja that" wisdom."

- Linda Lowen,

Seussical @ CFRT

"In the air we find Mayzie, on ropes and on rings, and her voice is truly a-Mayz-ing when she sings."

- April Olsen, Up & Coming Weekly

"The play, with choreography and aerial work by New York-based 2 Ring Circus was perfectly staged...the diva-ish Mayzie (Lani Corson) handled most of the acrobatic work, and did so flawlessly."

- Roger Mullen, The Fayetteville Observer

Godspell @ Arkansas Rep

"At one point, Lani Corson picked up her Animal Trainer's whip, essentially using it as a percussion instrument to keep time (expertly) towards the portion of her number which she's not mid-air. And - as if the vocal and visual spectacle she just provided weren't enough - the piece's last downbeat is given with a crash of her whip, decapitating an oversized flower whose stem is pinched between the front teeth of her colleague."

- Stephanie Smittle, Arkansas Times

The Life I Never Led

Sister Act @ Westchester Bway Theatre

Director/Choreo: Donna Drake

Associate Choreo: Rhonda Miller

Part of Your World

Little Mermaid @ CFRT

Director: Melissa Rain Anderson

Choreo: Adam Cates/Circus: 2 Ring Circus